Drawing Salve is an old Amish remedy to heal infections just under the skin and draw them out. It is a topical ointment used to pull toxins out of such skin infections as rashes, boils, cysts, abscesses, acne, bug bites, bee stings, ingrown hairs and slivers. $24.99 How can […]

Drawing Salve for acne, cysts, boils, sores, ingrown hairs

    Tea Tree and Lavender Calendula Recovery Salve is a very popular super salve for wound care because of it’s soothing and pain relieving abilities. $16.99 This all natural, hand made “miracle” ointment is packed full of properties that aid in treating everyday minor cuts, scraps and abrasions. Calendula Recovery Salve is made […]

Calendula Recovery Salve for wounds, burns, rashes, psoriasis

    Anti Fungal Little Piggies Foot & Toenail Salve is used to treat one of the more frequent and frustrating problems of the skin, fungus. It flourishes as an organism in moist, dark settings, is highly contagious and extremely irritating. $18.00 Most athlete’s foot treatments use harsh chemicals to treat […]

Anti Fungal Little Piggies Foot & Toenail Salve, athlete’s foot ...

Magnesium oil is a supplement designed to deliver the mineral magnesium through the skin for rapid cell absorption. $15.99 The oil is applied topically, delivered with a fine mist spray bottle. Mist 4-8 sprays onto the body then allow to absorb into the skin thoroughly. Ideal body application locations are […]

Magnesium Oil, pure magnesium from the Dead Sea