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Honey Love Essentials is a preferred holistic brand of all natural beautifying skincare and apothecary known for the exceptional purity of its curative and botanical ingredients.

After years of research and experimentation with organic and food grade face and body scrubs, body washes, lotions and potions for personal use, we have developed an apothecary body care line that is safe for the whole family. We are fueled by the desire to create an honest company that reflects a spiritual and holistic focus.

In doing so, we have a deeper appreciation for ingredients that are pure and leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. We reach to countries across the globe to acquire ingredients from their place of origin to ensure this. Only the best will do. We do not use any animal bi-products.

While not all of our products contain honey, it is one of our most favorite highly effective ingredients and we love using honey, bee pollen, honey powder and beeswax in our original recipes. The composition of honey is described as a humectant, which is an item or substance that attracts moisture and keeps it locked inside. It is effective for all skin types, from very dry to oily.

Our mission is to provide the safest and most natural personal care products that reflect the unique beauty in all of us while also spreading the word: together we can take effective measures to preserve bees and ensure sustainable development of nature, society and life on the planet as a whole.

We employ advanced technologies alongside centuries-old traditions because your skin is alive and it yearns for all natural cleaning, conditioning, repair and maintenance. As part of the company philosophy, all products produced are chemical-free, paraben (synthetic preservatives) free, contain no sodium lauryl-sulfate, or SLS, (detergent and emulsifier rated as a “moderate hazard”) and also are vegan-friendly.

Our promise is to always be open and reveal every ingredient in our body care products, that they are beneficial and they serve a specific purpose. There is no junk, and there are no fillers. Period.

WE KNOW YOU HAVE A CHOICE when you shop. We value each and every one of our customers and we rely on YOU to thrive as a business.

We take pride in bringing you highly effective products from the purest of ingredients..

With The Spirit of Health and Creativity,
Hilary, Jane  and Kate